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Besuch des Musicals "The Lion King" der 4. Sek

Wer kennt nicht die Geschichte von Simba, der sich von einem naiven Löwenjungen zu einem stolzen König wandelte. Seine abenteuerliche Reise auf der Suche nach dem eigenen Weg, die afrikanischen Rhythmen und die Hits wie „Circle of Life“ konnte die 4. Sek. im englischen Musical THE LION KING in Basel am 31. März 2015 miterleben.

The singers were very good and we couldn‘t believe that they sang live. Young Simba and Nala were very cute and brave. We liked that there weren’t just serious scenes but also funny ones. Timon and Pumbaa were very entertaining. Rafiki was really funny. We recommend this musical to you. Go and watch it, you won’t regret it.

Alex, Aylin


First we have to say how cool it was that we could go to the Lion King Musical. We both saw the movie when we were young, so as fans of the Lion King, it was absolutely stunning. The actors made the whole musical so speical because they didn’t just act, they felt their roles.
We were totally amazed by the powerful voices of the actors. But the best thing about the musical were the lights, the specials and just everything to be honest.
We enjoyed the time. Thanks to the school which made this event possible.

Chirin, Sahra


The musical was great! We were surprised that the actors could sing live so well. The little boy who played Simba was so cute! We couldn’t believe he was singing live. What we liked the most was the beginning where the elephant came on stage. Timon and Pumbaa were too funny! The stage scenery was really good , everything looked real. We definitely recommend you to watch it! We want to thank Mrs Meier for letting us go to the musical. It was a great experience.

Kristina, Lara


We were impressed by the little boy who played Simba because he is very talented for his young age and he is really cute!
We first thought it wouldn’t be this good. All in all it was really great and it was incredible that they made the drum effects live and not with playback. It was better than watching the movie. Young Simba and Timon were the best in our opinion.

Anna, Gina


This trip was the best trip for a long time. It was very exciting and funny. The animal costumes were great. The actors and actresses were very good, especially young Simba and young Nala. We liked best the shaman Rafiki, Timon, Pumbaa and Zazu.

Micha, Rino


The musical THE LION KING was very funny and interesting. The people of the musical have talent. They have beautiful voices. The best part was when Rafiki was shaking with her bottom. Our favourite characters were Pumbaa and Timon. The best song was „Hakuna Matata“. The musical told us that karma hits back.

Ceren, Gianluca V.